Saral Vaastu is the art and science of adopting Vastu principles in an easy and scientific manner, by harnessing the power of cosmic energy and living in harmony with nature. It is based on Saral Energy, that enables one to tune into cosmic energy by Connecting with it through Directions, Balancing through Structures and Channelizing through Chakras. Through Saral Vaastu imbalances in cosmic energy at specific zones at house and workplace are fixed without any structural changes. Implementing Saral Vaastu norms just once at your home, workplace and/or establishment would bring about positive enhancements in all the aspects of life within 7 to 180 days.

Saral Jeevan channel was a pioneering initiative in the world of infotainment and was launched with the intent of positive programming and accomplishing the mission of Manava Abhivruddhi. It aims at highlighting and infusing our inherited value system and enlightening the present generation with the importance of cultural practices. Saral Jeevan's philosophy is to present inspiring, motivational and factual content that is positive in nature. The channel telecasts news and non-fiction programming with a focus on mythology, history, travel and insights from Indian heritage and culture. Currently, the channel is broadcast in Kannada only, but will soon have programs in other languages too.

Saral Parivar is a community of people, who have joined hands with Dr. Shri. Chandrashekhar Guruji in Manava Abhivruddhi Abhiyaan for helping themselves and others for their Manava Abhivruddhi or 'working towards becoming better human beings'. The community of Saral Parivarians has evolved over a period of two decades growing in number from a handful of people to millions of Parivarians today, scattered not only in India but in different part of the world. The vision of forming this community was to create a happy and helpful society by spreading Guruji's unique and simple life-changing philosophy to more and more people.