Obstacles in different life spheres is due to cosmic energy blocks!

Dec 11, 2018

Cosmic energy is the life force of the universe and is the source of all creations. The intelligence and power of it is beyond human conception. The cosmic energy is perpetually flowing everywhere including our homes and workplaces too. The cosmic energy not only enables us to lead a happy and healthy life but also empowers our daily life. However, when you are going through problems and challenges in your life spheres be it education, career, marriage & relationships, business, wealth or health there is a likelihood of energy blocks within you and/or your surroundings.                                                     

Education - Is you and or any of your family members facing any hurdles or obstacles in your education or knowledge acquisition. Career - Are you not able to find a suitable job or facing lack of job satisfaction or not getting due promotion in your existing job? Marriage & Relationships -Are you facing delays in finding your life partner or challenges in having a harmonious relationship? Wealth & Finance - Do you face deficits in your cash flow or constraints in your financial position? Health - Are you facing health issues every now and then or having a challenge in enjoying a good state of health? So if you are facing obstacles in any life sphere there is no need to get dejected. Shri. Chandrashekhar Guruji has paved out a simple path for all of us to enhance our consciousness and maximizing the flow of cosmic energy in our life. All you need to do is CONNECT with Guruji through Visualization or putting his Photo on west wall of your house, FOLLOW his simple path and RECEIVE what you want. So, remove the obstacles in your life by treading the simple path shown by Guruji.