My child is unable to concentrate on studies! How can I help?

Dec 17, 2018

Lack of concentration and focus is a common complaint among school-going children. Parents these days invariably complain about their child suffering from lack of focus and concentration both at school and home. A typical behaviour of a child suffering from concentration problems is that he indulges in day-dreaming or peeps out of the window at home or in class.

They may be day-dreaming or staring out the window at home or in class, or they may be disruptive, unable to complete their work and struggling with their learning.

Major reasons for lack of concentration

Difficulty in understanding : There are instances when your child is unable to follow the lessons taught in the classroom. In case of difficulty in understanding the concept there are good chances he may avoid it, even before attempting it. Hence there is tendency of not concentrating in the class.

Scope of distraction : Television, games, and devices are sources of common distraction for children. This is especially true, when your child is doing his homework or any other task requiring concentration.

Need of attention : Due to lack of parental attention many a time, your child is not able to focus and concentrate on his studies. It may also assume the form of neurosis in extreme cases

Sleep disturbances: It's important for every child to get his quota of sleep. Not only adults, but even in case of children a good night's sleep can make all the difference.

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