My 12-year old does not study – how can I help?

Dec 17, 2018

One Mr. Ramesh Chandra of Delhi complains about his son, Ayush, saying, "My son is 12 years old and is in standard 7th. He does not take interest in studies and his mind is always wandering here and there. Yesterday, I met his teacher and came to know that he is not paying attention in class and not able to understand what is being taught in the class. He is also not comfortable with writing and complains about his teachers saying that they make him write a lot every day. When I see his handwriting there are no spaces between the words and he is not able to understand the subject also. I have been personally trying to help him with studies but all my efforts are going in vain. All he likes to do is watch his cartoon serials on TV and spend time in fun and enjoyment. I am worried he may lag behind in the class. "

Such complaints are common from parents of children in the pre-tee

n years. While growing up your child is bound to go through highs and lows. Lack of interest is not uncommon among children in these budding years. There could be numerous factors that may be responsible for it:- Uncomfortable school environment: Although, you may have ensured that your children have been admitted to the best school available in your area, they may still not be comfortable in the school environment. It's quite possible that the school environment makes your child uncomfortable, not inspiring and not suitable for studying or learning that you may not be aware of.

Subjects not interesting: It's natural for school going children to dislike a particular subject. There is a tendency to neglect it and not score well in it. As a parent, you need to identify the factors that led to your children getting disinterested in their subject.

Studies not challenging: If your child is very bright and have a high Intelligence quotient he may tend to get disoriented and distracted from studies. He will tend to get bored with the seemingly easy level of their studies and would yearn for studying concepts where their skills and intelligence would get tested and challenged further.

Poor listening skills: One of the common reasons that may cause your child to be disinterested in studies could be their poor listening skills. They may not be able to focus on what is being discussed in his classroom and possibly indulge in day-dreaming. While some lessons are being taught in the class they may not be paying attention and their mind may get lost somewhere.

Learning disorders: Some children go through mental health problems, cognitive and behavioural issues that may lead to a learning disorder. This could cause them to feel mentally tired, exhausted and confused, while studying and learning new concepts. Eventually, such learning disabilities may even lead to your child losing their self-esteem and confidence.

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