Is your office staff facing stress at work

Dec 17, 2018

In the age of increasing competition, tight deadlines and mounting work pressure, most of us find it a challenge to maintain an effective work-life balance. Feeling overwhelmed and anxious in everyday activities at the workplace has become so common these days. Although stress is a part and parcel of our modern life, but when it becomes excessive and ongoing, it can become a matter of concern. If your office staff is experiencing any or some of the following complaints, it implies they are undergoing tremendous stress

Difficulty in concentration Frequent tiredness Social withdrawal Irritability Alcohol or substance abuse Inefficiency Reduced appetite

Frequent absenteeism Depression and anxiety Sleep disturbances Headache & dizziness

If you hear about the aforementioned complaints from your office staff, it's quite possible that your office environment may not be having a healthy and harmonious environment. The above stress related signs may be an aftermath of the following problems faced by your staff:-

Lack of work satisfaction Disputes among staff members Ego issues Favouritism & partial behaviour Envy and rivalry among staff members Bullying

The above could be a result of imbalanced energy flux in the office environment.

When there is no free flow of cosmic energy in the office premises, it can create a pessimistic atmosphere, leading to clashes between the workforces, health issues among employees and other problems. Saral Energy for Business helps you understand the extent to which the energy flow at workplace is being obstructed due to directional and structural factors. Saral Energy helps to tune into the cosmic energy by connecting with Direction, balancing it through Structure, channelizing it through the Chakras thereby creating a healthy work environment.

This can create a positive environment in the workplace and bring improvement in all aspects such as employee productivity, health and the overall performance of the employees.

Employees are the backbone of every business and the success of a company depends on the performance of its employees. So, by following the simple way of Saral Energy you will be able to eliminate stress among your staff and have a productive work environment.