How to save yourself from the debt trap?

Dec 17, 2018

Indiscriminate expenditure and inflated credit card bills have put Srichand Misra, a small businessman, into a debt trap. Despite his sincere efforts he is incapable of paying off his debts. As a result the amount of his debt keeps increasing and his interest keeps rising. Not only this, he has exhausted the maximum limit granted to him for his credit cards, overdue EMIs on property loans and even the onus of repaying the huge amount of money borrowed by him from his friends. Srichand is very well aware he is in serious trouble, and unable to find a way out of this debt trap.

Being a debt trap, makes us financially crippled and even impacts our creditworthiness. We are unable to focus on financial planning and our financial stability is hampered. Srichand is doing introspection about the financial blunde

rs he had made and got him into this situation.

However, the root-causes of his getting into the debt trap was beyond his intellectual and judgemental blunders.

Since, we all are a part of this universe, we need to be continually tuned into the universal life force or cosmic energy for ensuring our well-being and blissfulness in all aspects of life. When we are not tuned into this cosmic energy, we start facing obstacles in different phase of life be it education, career, marriage, wealth or health. Srichand got entangled into this debt trap as he was facing some blocks in the cosmic energy flow within and around him.

Saral Energy shows a simple way to connect with the cosmic energy through directions, balance it with structures and channelize it through chakras. By adopting Saral Energy for Wealth and implementing it just once, one can experience a positive change in one's financial condition within 7 to 180 days and stay tuned with the cosmic energy for ever. So, adopt Saral Energy for wealth and save yourself from getting into a debt trap.