How to improve workplace relationships

Dec 17, 2018

"Every day, we have quarrels in our team and there is no coordination amongst us. Nobody is ready to take the onus on himself, and people are always playing the blame game. The result is we are never able to meet our deadlines and the client expectations. As a head of the department, I am tired of handling my team, and all my efforts to synergize their skills and responsibilities are going in vain," says Ravi Kamble, a senior manager of a reputed software development firm.

So are you facing a similar situation at your workplace like that of Ravi Kamble? If conflicts are happening every now and then at your workplace then it may be due to blocks or imbalances in the cosmic energy flow not only within you but at significant places at your home and workplace that have an impact on your relationships. Cosmic energy is the life force of this univer

se and we being a part of it, need to be in tune with it for leading a happy and blissful life.

We are all energy bodies and are made of the same matter and particles as that of the other creations in the universe. There is an interconnectedness amongst each and every one of us and the various bodies that constitute the universe. Dr. Shri. Chandrashekhar based on his divine intuitions and research has shown a simple path to stay tuned with this universal life force for ever and called it as Saral Energy. The unique technique of Saral Energy enables us to connect with cosmic energy through directions, balance it with structures and channelize it through chakras. We just need to implement it once and get to witness positivity within 7 to 180 days.

So, the relationship challenges you are facing at workplace can be addressed at the grass root level through Saral Energy for Jobs. Just implementing it once in your life, will enable you to see an obvious improvement in your workplace relationships within 7 to 180 days. Not only this, Saral Energy for jobs will build a foundation for developing harmonious professional relationships for lifetime!