How to get what you want in life

Dec 27, 2018

Life is not easy in today’s fast-paced world. We are moving more and more away from nature and the universal order. Global environment is degrading day by day, leading to consequences like global warming and other environmental hazards. Not only this, the rapid pace in technological advancements is posing serious health hazards to the people. Sedentary life and high levels of stress is causing lifestyle diseases. The modern living spaces are not in harmony with nature and also giving rise to many human problems.

This state of the present human life is also creating hindrances in the flow of cosmic energy within and around us. Cosmic energy is the universal life force, which keeps the entire universe alive and is available in abundance. This energy is needed not only for sustainability of the human race, but also for our happiness and success.


Due to the present-day living conditions, we are not well tuned into this universal life force. As a result, we face obstacles in accomplishing whatever we want.

We all go through some or other obstacles across different life stages from childhood to old age. These stages normally are that of Education, Career, Marriage & Relationships, Business, Wealth and Health. The absence of adequate cosmic energy within and around us creates obstacles in these life stages.

In this hopeless scenario, the universe chose a few evolved souls to guide people on harnessing the natural energies bestowed in abundance by the universe. A divine awakening had struck me a couple of decades ago, while I was working as a civil contractor. This divine awakening came to me through repeated dreams of showing me a compass and a house plan. I was led to be revealed a simple path of harnessing the cosmic energy to lead a happy and blissful life.

This led me to research in depth on methods adopted by our ancestors, which helped them to get tuned to the cosmic energy and lead a blissful life. Saral Energy is a path for all of us to get tuned with the cosmic energy and harness its powers in a very simple way. I named this path as Saral Energy, as 'Saral' means 'Simple'. This simple path of Saral Energy, enables one to connect with cosmic energy through directions, balance it through structures and channelize it through chakras. Millions of lives have adopted Saral Energy and their lives have been transformed.

You can Get Whatever You Want by following the unique and simple Saral Energy.