Follow the simple path of Saral Energy – break the jinx of delayed marriage!

Dec 17, 2018

Marriage is an important stage in our life. While, many of us are able to find our life partners in good time, some of us face obstacles.So, are you amongst those who are still facing obstacles in the finding a suitable life partner. Delay in marriage may be due to family problems, financial constraints, health issues or even not meeting other eligibility criteria of the society or the community to which one belongs.But what causes these obstacles in one's path to getting married? Is it luck or destiny or something else? How many of us are aware that the underlying force that governs our existence is the cosmic energy. It is the life force and the basis of all forms of creations in the universe.Unless and until we are in tune with this all-pervasive energy of the universe we cannot realize our full potential.

Present-day life does not allow us to live in harmony with nature and

the universal order.The fast-paced, technology driven life and the modern living spaces take us away from our natural environment and the universal life force. As a result we live in a non-harmonious environment and living spaces that do not give us a balanced quota of cosmic energy. Marriage is also a stage of life that is impacted by the energy imbalances within and around us.A simple path to remove obstacles by balancing the influence of cosmic energy in our life has been shown by Dr. Shri. Chandrashekhar Guruji Dr. Shri. Chandrashekhar Guruji through Saral Energy. Through this unique methodology, one can connect, balance and channelize the cosmic energy through directions, structure and chakras. Saral Energy for Marriage specifically caters to obstacles faced by people in the life sphere of marriage and relationships.As per Saral Energy for Marriage, delay in marriage or obstacles in finding a suitable life partner could be due to one's not being in tune to the universal life force. By choosing Saral Energy for Marriage, one can address these blocks in cosmic energy and balance it with the help of Saral Energy and experience positivity within 7 to 180 days!