How to move from Body to Soul Consciousness

Dec 17, 2018

From our very childhood, we all go through some or the other obstacles across various life stages until we reach our old age. The life stages we come across include that of Education, Career, Marriage, Relationship, Business, Wealth and Health. Have you ever wondered why we face obstacles in life?

This question as to why we go through sufferings and obstacles had also intrigued Chandrashekhar Guruji, when he had to witness the pain and agony of cancer patients as well as some bitter life experiences at a personal level. While he was searching for an answer to this question, he began to get repeated dreams of a compass and house layout. Finally, a divine awakening enlightened him that the root causes of the obstacles and sufferings are the blocks and imbalances in the flow of cosmic energy within and around us.


Moreover, he realized that Manava Abhivruddhi is the core to all human development and enhancing human consciousness, for which some fundamental life principles need to be followed.

Guruji, was thus prompted to lay down a simple path for moving from body consciousness to soul consciousness by harnessing the power of cosmic energy, practising fundamental life principles and witnessing our Manava Abhivruddhi. This led to the birth of Saral Energy, a unique and simply way to remove obstacles from our lives by unblocking Cosmic Energy within and around us. The uniqueness of Saral Energy for harnessing the Cosmic Energy lies in its three-pronged methodology of Connecting with it through Directions, Balancing it with Structure and Channelizing it through Chakras. This can be supplemented with the practice of easy to adopt Saral Sutras (SS) of being Truthful; Respectful, Grateful, Helpful and Blissful, the fundamental life principles defined by Guruji for enhancing our consciousness and leading a happy and blissful life.

By adopting SE and SS in our life we can find a simple way to come to our true form or Satya Swarup or Saral Satya Swarup. In this way by following the simple path shown by Guruji we can move from our Body Consciousness to Soul Consciousness.


Simple Path to move from Body Consciousness to Soul Consciousness!

So, connect with Guruji wholeheartedly, follow his simple path and receive the direction for moving from body consciousness to soul consciousness.