Are you looking at improving your married life?

Dec 17, 2018

Mr. Nagesh, 38, a resident of Lucknow, married for over 10 years and having a son of 8 years, complaining about his married life says, "when we were newly married, we used to enjoy each other's company and our married life was blossoming so well. Soon, this beautiful phase ended, and after our first child we have lost that trust, love and mutual respect in our marital life. Almost daily we have quarrels and I am really disappointed with my married life! "

Are you also witnessing challenges in your married life, the way Nagesh is going through? Why do some people even after attracting a compatible life partner face problems or conflicts in their marital relationship? Should we take it as a will of God or consider it as our ill-fate or accept it as our destiny?

Let us not forget that we all are a part of the universe and our innate nature is like that of ev

ery form of creation that exists in the universe. The universal life force is the unifying energy that keeps the entire cosmos alive, known as cosmic energy. Unless and until we are in rhythm with the cosmic energy we may face obstacles in our life spheres like education, career, marriage, wealth or health.

Nagesh is facing challenges in his marital relationship because there are blocks in the flow of cosmic energy in his surrounding and within him. The present day life creates hurdles in our being in tune with the cosmic energy. Saral Energy shows a simple path and a unique technique to connect with cosmic energy through directions, balance it with structures and channelize it through chakras.

By adopting Saral Energy for Marriage you will be able to experience an obvious improvement in your marital relationships within 7 to 180 days.