Are you facing obstacles in finding a companion for second marriage?

Dec 17, 2018

Some of us go through rough patches in our marital life and end up separating or divorcing, while some of us also go through the bereavement of losing our beloved life partner.

Ramesh Lulla, recently went through a divorce after 8 years of marriage and about six month back got legally separated from his wife. Sharing his experience, Ramesh says, "From day one only, I realized we do not get along well. It was an arranged marriage and hence I did not know her well and got married under parental pressure. I tried to adjust with her as much as I could, but then there was no support and cooperation from her side. I even consulted marriage counsellors and clinical psychologists, but nothing was working out. I knew this relation is going to end one day. What I feared, finally happened and we decided to part ways early last year."

The case of Ramesh and hi

s wife, is a typical one of a mismatch and alliance between two people who are not made for one another. Despite trying hard Ramesh could not save his marriage and finally had to part ways with his wife. Ramesh, has been actively searching for a companion to fill the incompleteness in his life. He has registered himself with various marriage bureaus and matrimonial sites. In past 6 months he has considered over 50 profiles and met several prospective alliance seekers from various families but nothing has worked for him till date.

He is feeling frustrated and hopeless about finding a suitable companion for him. Also, the trauma of divorce is impacting his mental health day by day. Why do people like Ramesh have to go through this unfortunate situation in their marital life? What causes disruption in their married life? Are they destined to go through this or there is something else that is responsible for their fate?

We are all a part of this universe that is beyond our imagination and intelligence. Each and every one of us are a part of the interconnectedness that prevails in this universe. There is a universal life force that keeps us all alive which is nothing but cosmic energy. Unless and until we are well tuned into this cosmic energy, we will face obstacles in our path to get whatever we want in life. The present-day living style and spaces are such that do not allow unobstructed flow of cosmic energy in our surroundings. As a result we face obstacles in different life stages be it education, career or marriage.

Saral Energy shows us a simple way to be in tune with this cosmic energy, by connecting it through directions, balancing it with structures and channelizing it through chakras. By adopting Saral Energy for Marriage one can experience improvements in one's prospects for finding a companion for second marriage within a span of 7 to 180 days.