Are you awaiting upward curve in your career graph

Dec 17, 2018

So, are you among those, who have not witnessed any promotion or a good appraisal or better prospects in your career since a long time? Despite working very hard and having advanced level skill sets your performance is being overlooked and you are being treated with bias and partiality. Many a time, we witness this kind of stagnancy in our careers despite making diligent efforts, dedication and work commitment on our parts.

Ravi Bhushan, a senior account working in the finance department of a reputed pharmaceutical company in Jabalpur has been working for over 10 years with this company and still not got a promotion to a higher position. Every year, he gets a nominal increase in salary and his superiors ignore the overtime and value addition on his part that makes him deserve a good appraisal and promotion.

Ravi is disappointed with this job and

trying to figure out what went wrong with this performance and wondering if he has been a victim of some workplace politics. Is it luck or destiny or something else that makes people like Ravi deny the progress they deserve at your workplace?

We are all a part of this universe and unless and until we are in tune with the universal life force or cosmic energy we cannot lead a blissful and successful life. A stagnancy in career is a result of an imbalance in the flow of cosmic energy in our life. When cosmic energy flow is blocked around the significant chakras or energy centres in our body and significant places at our homes that impact our career, we face obstacles in our career. Saral Energy shows a simple path to unblock the flow of cosmic energy within and around us. The unique technique enables us to connect with cosmic energy through directions, balance it through structures and channelize it through chakras. If you implement it once, you will be able to be in tune with the cosmic energy for ever and witness positivity in your career within 7 to 180 days. So, adopt Saral Energy for Jobs and look forward to witnessing an upward curve in your career graph!